Grandma in Heaven

Today brings mixed emotions. One of my heroes left this earth to join the Angels and saints in heaven. Tina’s grandma, Liz Robinson, passed away at 11:30 pm on Wednesday, April 29 at home in her sleep.

Grandma and Grandpa RobinsonWhen you spend time with people like Liz, you find it more enjoyable to live life. I never heard a harsh comment, a cross word or even an as much as a grouse from this saint. I do not hesitate to say saint as she inspired me to make every day enjoyable and uplifting to the people around me. Her life was about one thing, making Jesus shine through everything about her.

Liz always wore a smile, and every time I greeted her with the silly Americanism, how are you doing? She invariably replied, great. She never complained about a thing. Even when she was not having a good day, she would say that she had nothing to complain about.

I guess that comes from the fact she lived her early childhood on the streets of LA with her mother and brother and as their single mother searched for enough work to feed the children. They moved to LA escaping the depression and looking for a brighter future. She always said God gave her so much after she had so little that in comparison what could she complain about. As a child, she was saved under the ministry of Aimee Semple McPherson at Angeles Temple. She served faithfully with her husband, Gary as pastors in Foursquare all her life. Her son followed his parents and pastored all of his life and her daughter is a strong woman of God. Her two adult grandchildren are licensed ministers. However, her legacy goes far beyond her family. Everyone she ever came in contact with was better off for it.

Liz lived through a change in our culture. She saw the Pentecostal movement take off, the depression turn into a baby boom, the baby boom turn into a protest generation that bred love and peace. What I think saddens me most about the culture shift she lived through was that she had to change her name. Her given name was Gay. The name had little difference in meaning from her daughter’s name, Joy. However in her adult life, she changed her name after seeing the look on people’s face when she introduced herself. She greeted people with a simple smile and said, I’m Gay. Soon she adjusted that greeting with her new name and said, hello, I’m Liz.

Liz had a gentle spirit, a grace that exuded when you were with her, a simple joy for life that was contagious, but most of all a sincere and deep faith in Jesus Christ that never wavered. She could tell stories of a lifetime of the miracles she saw God do in the churches Gary and she pastured, or the countries they visited on mission trips, or pretty much any context she found herself in. She will be missed in the present, loved in the future and always remembered for the remarkable life she lived. The world was a better place because of Liz Robinson.


6 thoughts on “Grandma in Heaven

  1. What a wonderful legacy! She has received her many crowns/jewels now with her Savior.

  2. Thank you Andy, that was the most beautiful tribute I have ever read!! You summed her life up so well in such a short letter. Yes, she is a saint! I imagine she is telling the Angels all about her amazing family, conversing with disciples and saints as if she’s been with them always. I imagine her Mother greeting her with open arms as they go to sit at the feet of our king. We will all miss her so much, but what a legacy she has left behind in so many she will never be forgotten.
    Love to all.

    • I am glad that is resonated with you as you knew her for so long. I can just
      see her smiling with Jesus and the saints that have gone before. I told Tina
      that she is probably talking with my grandpa.

    • I’ll give a comment from a longtime friend to Liz Robinson here that was
      emailed to me. Dana Straub…

        Thank you.  By knowing Liz the last 33 years I can say that she has been
      an inspirational women to me.  

      I will always be very thankful for all her wise wisdom she gave me and will
      always remember Liz with fond memories. 

  3. My deepest sympathies go out to all of the Robinson family, my thoughts and prayers are with you.

    Liz Robinson, a quiet and unassuming lady, lived among us as a devoted wife, mother and treasured friend. In 1970 at 9 years of age, she adopted me into her heart from the moment she met me and demonstrated Christ’s love on every occasion. In 1979, only 18 years of age, I too lost my Mom; I was so lost and afraid because so much of my life depended on her. I felt such a heavy burden and could not move my mind to the future for my sorrow was so great. On a day in August that year, at the back of the sanctuary at “Church by the Sea “ my friends and my pastors Gary and Liz Robison gathered around me and comforted me. I felt such love, like that of my own mother when Liz put her arms around me and without a word made me feel safe and secure. That is the woman I will always remember, someone that would have faith for you even if you couldn’t see any reason for hope. She is and always will be my spiritual Mom. I am so grateful to God for the life of Liz Robinson and will always be profoundly thankful for the friendship and wonderful example of love and kindness she has shown to me and my family.

    Forever grateful,
    Jonathan Stahl

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