Observations of Traditional Religion Day 8

This weekend, Bangkok is experiencing major rallies. Every time there is a rally, the side protesting gets everyone excited that this will be the big and final one, something like Michael Jackson’s final concert, “This is it” which was going to be a one show event at the O2 arena in London. Then it turned into 10 shows followed by an announcement of a world tour. This is it seems to run just as hollow, so we experience an ongoing back-and-forth of protesting. The opposition party takes the mandate to oppose to new heights each time. For more background catch this overview in the New York Times.

As the constant information comes out about what the two sides are doing during the rallies, I found something quite useful to my look at traditional religions and their affect on Thai world view and behavior. This comes from the twitter feed put out by the Nation, an English language newspaper in Thailand.

“Rituals to ‘curse’ Abhisit have been performed by protesters.” (posted on Twitter)

Before a big show down, each side will do everything they can to put the opportunity for success on their side. Rituals and curses are not be out of the question. In fact, this is quite common in Thailand. However, it means that the stakes are quite high.


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