Observations of Traditional Religion Day 22

When the environment seems ready, then the baby will come, or at least that is the frame of mind in which a Thai person looks at birth. Remember, a few days ago, I talked about a friend who had their baby a few days early, maybe this is why, at least from a Thai point of view.

In Thai culture, when the house is ready, the baby’s room is ready and everything else is ready, the baby will come. The idea is that when everything is ready for the baby, the baby will come. This means that Thai expecting parents won’t have bought everything for the baby. They don’t have all the clothes laid out. Maybe wait to get a car seat. Once you are ready, then the baby will know and then come to enter the world. A Thai mother will leave a few things unattended, because if the baby comes early, it might not be fully developed. They wouldn’t want to cause any kind of abnormalities by being overly prepared.

Perhaps, this explains why our friend’s baby came early. They had the clothes ready, the room set up and all the plans in place. They were prepared. However, they did wait until full term to be ready, but the baby came two weeks early, about four days before the lucky day.


2 thoughts on “Observations of Traditional Religion Day 22

  1. Hello,
    In the last 4 years we have adopted 4 children from Asia. Two from China and Two from Thailand.
    Since we felt the call to adopt we have felt like wwe have ben under severe attack and it has not let up . We almost lost our girl from Thailand to death twice and our other girl had temper tantrums that seemed like possession in a way comming from an 8 year old. We are Christians and have wondered if some of this has been caused by a “CURSE ” or something that invoved our childrens past being in a Buddist Orpahange,ect.We are not looking for a demon behind every bush but almost after every adoption there has been a severe trial and we even had our Pastor pray over us 2 year ago becasue things were getting harsh.
    Thanks so much for your time and God Bless you as you serve Him in Thialand.
    Jennifer Geer

    • Wow, thanks for bringing that to the discussion. However, I would rather contact you further by email.


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