…should this post be 140 characters or less? I tried, but had too much to say…

Since leaving for Thailand, one of the biggest changes in American culture we noticed is the sheer volume in text messaging between not just teens but all ages. For many, texting is awesome. You can stay in touch with just a little effort and even do it while watching TV, driving (if you are not caught), exercising and many other things. Our relationships now can be part of our ever increasing multi-tasking lifestyle. There are even those people with stuff to do and people to see who text at dinner, in the movies, and perhaps the restroom. I even heard a survey last week that 11 % of people think it is socially acceptable to text while “in the bedroom”.

I wonder how much this shapes our relationships and interaction with people. I don’t want to be one of those old guys out of touch with youth saying we need to have deeper more meaningful relationships and texting pulls us further and further into the shallow personal contact we are accused of in America. I know we can hold a balance with twitter, Face Book, texting and other social media as an intro into sharing life with others and still have those deep and meaningful friendships we need to coexist in community.

I just wonder what the texting generation will look like in 10-years. Will all of our sentences be short and to the point? Will we start to speak in abbreviations and acronyms? Obviously this is hyperbole to make a point. It is just funny to me.

I remember listening to FM Morning DJ Jonathan Brandmeier talking with comedian Norm McDonald about how Norm doesn’t have a computer. They went on to talk about texting and how Norm never returns phone calls. Then they went into how everyone texts these days. Johnny B made the sarcastic comment as to why he loves texting, “talking…that is too much work”.

I will not ever really relate as I can’t text, so maybe I am out of touch. Just take it as one on the outside asking some questions. I am sure if I could text, I would be doing it as much as anyone else. I love talking with my friends and keeping in touch as much as the next guy, but since I am unable to do so, I will just raise some questions as the world moves on at a rapid pace.


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