Seeing With My Heart

Yesterday, on my way into training sessions with our sending agency, Foursquare Missions, in LA, a random man stopped me on the street. I didn’t know who he was or why I was stopped. I knew I had a few minutes before the morning workshop started, so I took a moment to talk with him. He asked if he could pray for me to be healed from blindness. I get asked this question a lot in a variety of settings. Each time I always say yes, because I never know where the healing will come from. He prayed for me with good hope and faith that God would heal, or so I thought. My wife told me later that he had a jacket on for the Dream Center, which identified him as a Christian.

I walked away thinking how cool it was that a stranger, not knowing who I was, stopped me to pray. He had no idea that I was a Christian, much less that we serve in Thailand with Foursquare Missions. He didn’t know we were walking to the Foursquare building. We were on our way to the conference room to work with John and Sonja Decker on “Doing what Jesus Did”. Later that morning, we talked just about that issue of praying for the sick. It is fun knowing people are out there living the gospel and believing God to do what he did in the Bible.

This morning, the man stopped us again. This time we were running late and I knew that if we stopped, we would be late for our meetings. I decided that stopping for people and waiting on God is more important than being on time for our meetings.

The man really wanted to see God move in the miraculous. I did too, so I let him pray again. He had us pray three or four times. He really wanted it to happen at that moment. I told him that God is faithful and will heal me in his timing. His response blew me away. He said that after he left the day before, he realized that he doubted I would be healed. He prayed and asked God what he did wrong. God told him that I don’t see with my eyes, but I see with my heart.

This resonated with me. I am forced to look at people differently since I can’t see their faces. I do look at their hearts. I appreciate God’s affirmation from a stranger on the street.


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