Thai Mother’s Day

One of the biggest holidays in Thailand, Mother’s Day, comes every August 12, or at least has come that way for the past several decades in commemoration of her majesty the Queen’s birthday. Once again, this year, the Thai people went to the streets with their families to celebrate the birthday of the Queen who represents all mothers for the nation. One fun fact we learned while out at the zoo visiting the animals with nearly every other family in Bangkok (maybe a slight exaggeration), was that mother’s get into the movies for free on this day. Thailand goes out of its way to make mother’s feel special on this holiday, even making it easy for a mother to take her children to the movies.

On this day, most children, including young adults, give their mom a jasmine flower wreath. Many include a greeting card that expresses their love and adoration toward their precious mother. Thai children have a special bond with their mother. It is hard to explain the subtle nuance between a Thai child and their mother and a western child and their mother, but it is fun to observe how reverent the child is while cherishing everything the mom did in raising them.  I am not saying one culture is better than the other, just different.

After the families, many of whom enjoy the parks and picnic areas, return home, many of the Thai people go back out for the evening in which there are fireworks throughout the city honoring her majesty the queen as well as other ceremonies and festivities near the grand palace and suan luang.