Daniel Brown

One of our favorite recurring guests to Thailand, Daniel Brown, came through this week. When Daniel visits Thailand, he will spend a few days speaking to the leaders of the church about principles for discipling people, strategies for leading the church, and how to hear God’s voice. This time, Daniel spent a large portion of his time pressing us to fully know how much God loves us.

He said, Jesus did not come to tell us how bad we are. He came to reconnect us to God. Sometimes we, leaders in the church, decide to love people, because we are supposed to. We love on cue. What we need to do is love people out of the abundance of our knowledge and experience of God’s love toward us.

He spent several days with the leaders of the church, but most of what he taught revolved around knowing God’s love and being engaged to know and love God.

I was excited to spend an afternoon at lunch in dialogue with him about discipleship principles. Daniel is one of the best Foursquare has to offer on the subject of discipleship. I am not sure why we don’t have more people focused on making disciples, but we could use more people who pour their time and energy into reproducing people who follow Jesus like they do.