Eliana: God has Responded

Our first child was born a few days ago. We have been praying for God’s blessing of a child for several years, and now he has responded and given us a beautiful little girl. After much thought and prayer, we decided to name her Eliana, which means the Lord has responded. We are calling her Ellie for short.

God has responded in Eliana’s birth as well. Ellie had been head down in the womb since about 7 months along; but when we went to our check-up for week 36, Ellie had flipped and turned breech (feet down). Now in Thailand, doctors won’t even try to flip a baby, so we looked up some noninvasive things to encourage her to flip. We found that even in the womb babies don’t like cold heads, so you should put an ice pack on the top of the uterus and talk, or play music, to the bottom of the belly. We tried this. Ellie moved a tiny bit, but wasn’t happy and went back breech as we went to bed.

She stayed breech the following day. That night, after a full day of organizing the nursery and shopping for household items and snacks for a planned trip to the beach, my sister and I met Andy at Our Home Chapel for a night session of a multiplying leaders seminar with Ralph Moore. Just when we got to Andy, my water broke (at 6:20pm). We went to a quiet and private place and called our doula, just a little bit panicked. At that moment, we had to assume that we were going to have an emergency C-section that night.

Andy went and called a taxi, I borrowed a towel and then we went to the hospital. On the way to the hospital, we prayed that Eliana would flip back to head down. Ellie was quite active as we bounced along the road. When we got to the hospital, we made a quick game plan for a C-section while we waited for our doctor to arrive.

At 7:45pm our doctor arrived and did a quick ultrasound to check where Ellie was positioned. He found that she had flipped again and was head down. With a sigh of relief from all of us, including the doctor, we went over to the labor and delivery room to check into the hospital. I wasn’t dilated at all but had started contractions, which were weak and about 5 minutes apart. The doctor decided that labor was weak and probably wouldn’t fully start until the morning. He sent me to a private hospital room to rest for the night and he went home to sleep.

After we got to the room, I sat down with Andy and made a list of what to pack for me and the baby. Our doula added the items that we almost forgot, like our passports. Kathy and Andy then left for our home while I tried to rest. When they returned at 11:30pm, contractions had gotten a little stronger but were still very manageable. I ate half a PB&J sandwich and then laid down for a nap. Everyone else laid down also. Not long after, Andy, Kathy, and our doula were sleeping but I couldn’t as contractions just kept coming. I labored peacefully by myself for the next few hours.

At 4:20am, I decided that contractions were pretty intense and we should go down to the labor and delivery room. I woke everyone up and they went to get a nurse and a wheelchair. When we got there I was almost fully dilated and they called the doctor. Just a short time later, Eliana Ann Opie was born at 5:12am.

God answered our prayers for a child and he continues to answer our prayers over her. She is perfect in every way and a beautiful gift from God.

17 thoughts on “Eliana: God has Responded

  1. A perfect gift from God, that is what Ellie is. God is so good, she is an amazing miracle. We are so excited to meet her and see her in person, although Skype is a wonderful invention, it’s not the same . Can’t wait to hold our newest granddaughter. Soon…… Xoxoxoxoxo Love, Nana (Kim /Mom)

    • Ellie is looking forward to your arrival as well…even if she does love hearing your voice through Skype, it’s not the same as in person…

  2. Absolutely love this! It has encouraged me and my desires for children. I am so happy that all went so well and that you are truly blessed. Your family is beautiful and all I see is love!

  3. Tina and Andy,
    I am overjoyed at the birth of beautiful little Eliana! I cannot believe she is finally here. I remember back in July when Tina and I were talking on my couch about having children. Only God knew in that moment that he was already blessing you. You both deserve all the love in the world. I love you and miss you both. Give Eliie a kiss from me. I cannot wait to meet her!

    Danielle Porcho

    • When I think back, it is a little unbelievable! Ellie is kissed and can’t wait until she meets you this summer.

  4. What a beautiful gift from God. Thanks, Tina for sharing your story. May Ellie bring you both much joy and may she follow God all of the days of her life!

  5. I love the story–another miracle of God! Isn’t HE amazing? I love the photos, too. Thanks for sharing. Hugs and kisses to the new parents as well.

  6. We saw your beautiful pictures and enjoyed them all. Thank you for sharing we have thought about you often. Hannah

    Congragulations!!!!!She is sooooo beautiful!!! She is lucky to have such wonderful parents. Love the photos. Thank you for the update.
    Keep us posted,

  7. Dear Andy, Tina and Ellie,

    What wonderful news. I am so happy for you all. God is sooo good! God Bless You and Keep You, can’t wait to see the new addition.

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  9. Wow, congratulations. My brother and his wife were very much longing for a child and with his wife’s medical condition a baby would have physically healed her. They also named her Elliana Anne, (spelled differently)

    • Congratulations to your brother and his wife.

      Sent from my iPad

      • Thank you, and I hope your little one has many many healthy happy years ahead of her. God will definitely take care of her, as He has already proven that!

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