Ellie’s learning new things

I love watching my daughter, Ellie, grow and learn new things. She is a watcher, an observer. She loves to go for walks and peak out of her carrier to see people and everything else go by. But while she loves getting out and being a part of the busy-ness of the world, she wants to be a part of it also. She wants to be like the people around her. If she hears talking not addressed to her, she will join in and try to drawn you out. When she sees us eating, she tries to grab and eat also. She is constantly trying to do new things.

Recently, she figured out how to balance herself so she can sit. She went from being able to sit for 30 seconds one day, to sitting for over 10 minutes the next day. When I saw her just sitting there, I ran and got my camera. Ellie was so proud of herself that it was easy to get a good picture. She had the biggest smiles, smiles that said, look at what I can do.

The day after learning how to sit, Ellie wanted to learn new things. She is all about trying to crawl now. She gets so frustrated that she can’t propel herself forward. So right now, it is a fussy, but determined baby. Soon it will be one of excitement as she proudly moves across the room.

Watching her has made me think about how we view ourselves. Ellie is so proud over something that is so easy for us to do. She couldn’t be more excited when she gets to hold a spoon, or place her feet on the ground and pretend to stand. I think that we do the same things in our lives. We get so excited, even proud, when we can do something good for God. We want God to join in our excitement and praise us. Praise us he does, but he really wants us to be doing things much greater than “sitting” or “crawling” around in this life. He is happy when we gather for Christian fellowship and read our Bibles every day, but he is looking forward to seeing us do much greater things. Just as Ellie can’t yet conceive of jumping and dancing around, I can only imagine how awesome our lives will be once we have matured fully in Christ. Until then, I will keep striving to grow. Just like once Ellie learned to sit, she started trying to crawl, I want to keep growing in my walk with Christ. I never want to grow content to just sit or crawl and think I have reached maturity in Christ.

What do you think makes God smile?


3 thoughts on “Ellie’s learning new things

  1. Great article. Watching our children grow is awesome. I like your comparison to God watching us grow. I am a proud mommy!

  2. What a wonderful post! I, too, do not want to be satisfied with merely sitting or crawling. Let me RUN after the things of God with such a vengeance that nothing will stop me but rather fear standing in my path! I think it’s the running after that God loves to see. I think it’s also the quiet waiting and not out-running Him. My cousin once preached on being filled. He began to pray over us and asked God to fill his cup. Then he asked it to overflow and asked for a bigger cup! It was thee most beautiful picture I had ever seen. Can you picture it? Daddy handing his son a bigger cup? His hands had outgrown the smaller cup, he had outgrown the portion and needed a bigger cup and portion to complete the work God was asking him to do. I love my cousin in this moment. He was just a child saying he wanted and needed more. I find myself praying this prayer often. We all had a great smile when he said in fact give me a bigger cup! I believe God smiled and laughed a bit on that too.

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