McDonald’s Predicted our Flood

Now with a little time to reflect, we realized what an omen it was the night McDonald’s no longer would deliver to our condo.

What is that you say? McDonald’s delivers? And…you are bummed that you can’t get McDonald’s at any time day or night. I know, I know…these are the questions I would be asking in your shoes. I remembered how much I didn’t want to be that guy eating McDonald’s as I rarely, if ever, eat the iconic food while in the states. Missing out on McDonald’s the other night brought to mind my first McDonald’s experience when we moved to Bangkok a little over four years ago. Let me get to that in a minute…

A couple of nights ago, we wanted to eat some McDonald’s, and in Thailand, they deliver. You can’t make eating junk food any easier than that. And now, every few weeks, it just feels good to eat something classically American. I’ll say, I look forward to the fries a lot more than the burger. So we called just when our daughter was starting to go to sleep…knowing that the delivery guy would show up on his scooter in less than 30 minutes with our Big Mac and fries. Something went terribly wrong.

After hearing my address, the operator told me that McDonald’s doesn’t deliver to our road anymore. What?, I said. He again said that they don’t deliver to our road anymore as the threat of flooding was too real. I reassured him that in front of our condo was dry still…but that didn’t matter as much of our road was already submerged. You know things are getting bad, when they stop delivering, because they come even in the pouring rain.

Well, I said, this reminded me of my first time in Thailand. I really wanted to eat the local food and avoid being that American who goes to McDonald’s. It is weird now how a food, I no longer eat in America has become a comfort food of types. However, like two days after arriving in Bangkok, I ended up out to the movies with a big group from the church. And of all places to go eat before the movie, they chose McDonald’s. I said to myself, no…but I had to go along with the group. Then to top things off, some guy from San Francisco in front of me in line began to mock me for getting to McDonald’s on my second day in town like it was the first place I had to get to. I tried to say, you don’t understand…but I knew it was pointless as I would have mocked myself too…Man, how far things have come…and to think my friends who serve in our neighboring country of Cambodia long for McDonald’s when they come visit Thailand.

One thought on “McDonald’s Predicted our Flood

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