Small Parts

Recently, I have been reflecting on how even the small parts can make a huge impact. With the seemingly never-ending flood in Thailand, some of the most unexpected collateral damage is affecting global manufacturing. Two primary industries have had more than a little disruption in manufacturing, the auto and pc worlds.

Apparently, Thailand is the world’s second largest exporter of hard drives with a huge factory for Western Digital. With that factory out of commission, hard drive production in the world has slowed by ¼, and prices have gone up 20-40% . Also, auto manufacturers such as Honda, Toyota, Chevy and others produce a lot of cars sent around the world just south of Bangkok. Yet many of the big production has been slowed drastically as small car parts produced by flooded out factories in central Thailand have halted work.

In life, so many things that we participate in are interrelated. In the church we often talk about this with a picture of a body. I Cor. 12 gives us a great picture of how we are meant to live as a church with each member contributed to the common good of the whole. No part should feel less worthy or inferior to the others. Yet, we often lose that ideal as personal egos get in the way. Certain arenas of the church start to gain a higher quality while others seem to get pressed down into the lower regions of glory, or even shame. Take for instance the nursery workers. There are not a few churches if you look around who are not desperate for more nursery workers, while the worship teams create new and improved ways of staying a select group of talented singers and musicians. Don’t get me wrong, gifting matters. You don’t want me singing or playing guitar on the worship team. I am simply pointing out how some ministries gain all the notoriety. Getting people to work in the benevolence side of things or compassion ministries may not always come as easy either.

Yet if we neglect to empower and strengthen all areas of the church body, we can become one-sided or limit our full potential. If I am reading Paul right, he is exhorting the church to be well rounded and holistic in how they approach the ministry. Let’s not become the church that is known for one thing. You know the church that really nails it in one area and just puts all their eggs in that basket…an incredible worship leader, or the killer youth ministry, or the most amazing and creative kid’s ministry…

As with many arenas of life, the small things matter in a big way. Let’s not neglect the little things as we work to build the kingdom of God together.

What small thing in your world has turned out to make a big difference?

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