As I think about Thanksgiving, I think about unexpected blessings…and want to pause a moment and think about our unexpected blessings. For us the unexpected blessing keeps reminding us she is there. Our daughter, Eliana has a zest for life and loves being around people. She will make sure you know she is around if you ever visit.

We cannot stop enough to thank God for his blessing of our daughter. We love her so much. After trying to have children for a long time, we thought there was not going to be an easy solution. We visited doctors and knew our option, but weren’t ready to do that yet, if at all. Our time for furlough was coming which meant a lot of travel and busy scheduling, so we decided to put a pin in our discussions on children and not stress about it for a while…until we returned to Bangkok.

Well, just before our return to Bangkok, we unexpectedly discovered that we were pregnant. We barely stopped worrying, and bam God blessed us unexpectedly. That was a year ago, now we have a happy, playful baby. Click here to see Eliana in action.

In this season of Thanksgiving, we want to always remember who we give thanks to, God.

What is one unexpected blessing you received this last year?

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