Christmas Is Taking Over the World

Whether by commercial success or quaint traditions, Christmas keeps marching along as it envelopes the world in its grasp.

Every year we are in Thailand, we see more of a Christmas presence here…not so much Christmas presents, but more of that too. I am reminded of Paul’s thoughts toward the gospel…whatever their motivation…as long as the story is told, and people come to Jesus. The booming success of Christmas crosses every barrier and continues to grow in its enormous take on our imagination. Yet with the grand festivities and overwhelming scope of Christmas, we can still use this season as an opportunity to tell the story of Jesus. More and more people are being introduced to the person of Jesus in Thailand every year as Christmas grows in popularity. Christmas is a story that transcends language and culture. No matter whether the ancient era of the Biblical world or the modern era of Twitter and Google, the story still rings true and draws on our heart strings. What an amazing story that God would empty himself of his transcendence and enter our world as a baby boy. And this baby boy would grow up to be our savior and king.

I thought I might share this video this video to help us see another way the story of Christmas can be communicated this year.

Let’s be creative and find ways to let the story of Christmas, the true story of Christmas enter our heart and spill out to others this year.

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