A Special Bond Between Father and Daughter

My wife blogged about the connection my daughter, Ellie, has with me, her Daddy. Here is the story:

Ellie knows that Daddy responds differently to her than other people. When she smiles, he doesn’t immediately smile back. He doesn’t know she is smiling because he can’t see her. But if Ellie giggles or laughs, he responds. When she calls Daddy over with a quick hand gesture, he doesn’t know what she wants. This might sound discouraging to you, but to Ellie it just is. It doesn’t bother her. Instead, she is continually learning new ways to communicate with her daddy.

Let me illustrate this with a short story of their interaction. To continue reading, click here.

Spiritual Warfare

I hear some refer to spiritual warfare as spiritual conflict, but I am not sure what to think after some of the experiences I have in a world of spirit worship. “Conflict might be too understated for the reality of what the demonic realm wants to claim. We are now in rebellion against the rebellion,” Ed Stetzer.

One can be buoyed by prayers, intentional prayers for protection.

Recently, I heard a story of some of our council members and their families gathering to pray. As they prayed, one of them saw a vision of their pastor dressed in armor, the spiritual armor of God. Quickly as I heard the story retold, my mind ran to a certain group of special humans who gave a great quote in their movie, Avengers. “Let’s Suit up!” Makes you think, huh…

Well, back to the story. Their pastor was in full armor, but one of the flaming arrows of Satan was about to strike his breastplate. The arrow made it past his shield of faith, which is designed to snuff these darts of fire out. Here it comes in their vision, about to strike their pastor. They rallied their fervor and prayed for him as the head of the church. They even got the picture from Nehemiah to stand as the wall of protection around the church.
When I asked them about when this prayer took place, they told me how it was a few days earlier. Then what seemed like a nice story of people in the church praying for their pastor suddenly upped the ante. They received a clear vision from God during the time that I was super sick a couple of weeks ago. I was wiped out, but we’ll save the nasty details from this forum.

Sometimes, we overlook the spiritual realm in our prayers. Sometimes, we forget that God wants to speak to us through our prayer time, and we just come with our list, outline or structure to prayer. The spiritual realm is not left to the angels and demons, but God uses us to play a part in the fight. A fight that carries eternal stakes.

Have you seen God speak to you in such a vivid way before, how?