Reflections from Father’s Day

This was my fifth Father’s Day. But wait, Ellie is only two. How can that be? I got the added benefit of celebrating in December for Thai Father’s Day.

But this was the best. This year, my daughter had enough maturity to come and express her love. Mommy got her all prepped in the morning to come give Daddy three things first thing in the morning. 1. A big hug, 2. A kiss and 3. Say, I love you, Dada.

Well, she came out of the room a little fussy. Our slow wakerupper doesn’t always go fast in the morning. Top that off with a little first-child syndrome of I don’t like to do what I don’t like to do. Also known as not liking to perform for others. But she didn’t want to forgo giving dada a hug, so she sheepishly slinked over to her father’s loving arms for a hug.

All was good in my (Dada’s) world. That is until a little hyper dog bounded up and stole my Eliana’s attention. Pandy (Nana’s dog) bounced onto the couch next to us causing a big smile to form across Ellie’s face. She laughed and now was ready for her day to begin. I asked her once again if she would say what Mommy was trying hard to get her to say.

This time, she squeaked out, “I…love…youuuu…doggy.”

“What!?” I said. “Ellie, who do you love? I love you, Dada, right?” “No,” she replied, “I love you doggy.”

Well, I did get hugs didn’t I even if she didn’t know what made this day so much more special than the last day. I even got sweet kisses throughout the morning. Two out of three ain’t bad, right.

Note: She still thinks it is hilarious to say, I love you, doggy. I guess, she does have a mind of her own, doesn’t she.

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