Traditions in Family

If we are not intentional, as family grows us, we all go our separate way. Family needs to work intentionally for those spaces when we can just kick back and have fun together. Sometimes that means they need to invent excuses to get together. These excuses can grow into traditions.

My wife’s  family did just that as Christina and her sister were getting married. They wanted to insure the family had an excuse in the summer to come together no matter where in the world they lived. Therefore, they created Halfway to Christmas. They pull out a tree with Christmas lights and Santa on the beach. We listen to Caribbean Christmas music, and give out gifts. The gifts consist of practical items that we all need for the summer. I remember the first time I joined in with the annual party. I got a nice big beach towel and a fold up beach chair. I was set for beaching it with my fiancé. What started about 10 years ago in order to get the kids together has grown to include son-in-law’s and now two granddaughters. This year we celebrated on Friday, when all the kids have a day off.

What family traditions do you have to get the extended family together?

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