The God of Compassion

shepherd-carrying-sheepDoes God see where I am? Does He know what I am struggling with? These questions plague me at times, but I believe I am not the only one that asks these question, so I thought I would share a picture that came to me while reading Zechariah recently. This comes from the passage in chapter 10 that talks about the sheep that are without a shepherd. I see a picture of us, of me, as sheep. We are lost, wandering on our own. We are stuck in the crags, the crevices, the obscure side of the hill. No one knows where we are, and most of all we are helpless and without hope. We are bleating, crying out for help. We ask does anyone hear our cry. And this is where Jesus intersects us. He comes down to us with compassion. He sees us on the backside of nowhere. As he desperately searches for us, he finds us following the sound of our cries off in the distance. The sun is setting, and we are growing in despair. Just in the nick of time, he spots us. The God of the universe comes to us. He knows where we are. He rescues us. At the same time a second picture came to me showing another aspect of God’s compassion for his people. This time we have been lagging behind the herd when a wolf cuts us off from our friends. Sometimes life or the enemy of our soul comes at us with a vicious attack. Where we are being attacked by the wild animals, Jesus defends us. In this picture, I see myself on my back nearly eaten alive by a wolf when Jesus comes down and snatches me free from the mouth of the wolf. He takes the wolf by the back of the neck and throws it aside. I believe we miss seeing Jesus in this perception–the strong, protector. Jesus shows strength and even anger. He wants to set us free, so he must first throw off our attacker. The wolf yelps but crawls off with its tail between its legs. I am free. I am safe. When I look into the eyes of my rescuer, I see unabated love. I see the desire to find me no matter what obstacle lay between us. Now, I can rest in the arms of a mighty God.

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