Are there spirits all around?

A lady came rushing up to me needing help. She wanted someone with spiritual power to pray against the demonic.

The spiritual world is wreaking havoc on our little neighborhood in the eyes of this woman. As Westerners, we neglect the spiritual realm as affecting our physical world. In Thailand, people believe spirits are in play with everything. If they are not appeased through spirit houses, offerings and other traditional rituals, the spirits can bring turmoil into this world…thus people in Thailand live in fear.

The fear was all over this woman. Here is how the story went.

I was taking our puppy for her morning walk when this Thai lady came up to me saying, pastor, pastor. This was a twist to my morning ritual. I should say my rather new morning ritual the past couple months. Laguna, our Golden Retriever, helps motivate me up early for some strong prayer time. Oh boy, she loves to get up early.

I have begun using these walks to pray over our street. The morning walks give me an opportunity to pray for the church members who live on this street as well as those on this street that God is drawing to know him. The middle-aged, Thai lady came to me noticeably concerned. I thought, how does she know I am a pastor? Thailand never ceases to amaze me.

She told me that things have been difficult on this street and implored me to pray for the people. I told her that I was praying, but she insisted that I pray more. As she explained, I felt God confirming in me that he is watching over the street. To summarize, the concerned woman wanted me to know that basically, the happiness index of the street had gone down, jobs were not as good, problems in the lives of the people and so on. All of this was due to the evil spirits, she explained.

I stopped with her right there at that moment and prayed intentionally that god would be present with us in power.

The spiritual strongholds fighting to maintain their ground and prevent God’s kingdom from coming in are persistent. But God will win. I believe God wants to unleash his kingdom power on this city, beginning with our street in Bangkok in the near future. I continue to pray for an outpouring of his Holy Spirit.

When you observe problems in your community, do you blame evil spirits or circumstances…or something else?

Living Amongst Spirits

You may remember our post about the children’s leader at the church moving to the slum community, known as “the community,” in February. This story took place shortly after Ole moved in, but I only recently heard it.

April 23, 2009

The first night that Ole moved into the community, she felt something tickle her feet as she was sleeping. It woke her up and she looked to see what it was, but saw nothing. She tried to go back to sleep, but again felt her feet tickled. She was now scared so she pulled her covers up to her neck. Next, her covers were pulled down. After that, she prayed and then was able to sleep. This happened whenever Ole spent the night in her new house.

Ole was disturbed, but did not want to make a big deal about her suspicions, so she only told one other person in the church and made excuses to sleep at the center.

Right at this time, a team from Hawaii came to minister in Bangkok. They went to the community with Ole and me as we taught English to the children.  Before we left the community that night, we all went to see Ole’s house (this was my first visit to her new home). While there, we prayed over her house and then anointed it with oil, setting it aside as a place for ministry. We prayed that Ole would be safe in her new house, this home would be an effective place for ministry, and that the Spirit of God would dwell there and push any dark spirits away (not knowing that Ole was struggling against them).

After this prayer meeting, Ole has never experienced any spirits in her house again.

Ole told me this story, after one of the children in the community has been plagued by a spirit whenever she reads her Bible or goes to church. Ole says that spirits are everywhere in this community, so pray for her and the children living there.